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SunPosition has approximatly 48,115 locations available to members, non members have restricted access to just over 8,000 of these. The full list of SunPosition locations currently available to members can be browsed using the links below. This list does not include members personal locations.

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Location name:

Roselle - Show Location on Google Maps


49° 26' N or [Decimal: 49.433300]


2° 21' W or [Decimal: -2.350000]

Magnetic declination:


UTC offset:

No offset from GMT

DST offset:

1 hr offset from UTC to local time (Added to any UTC offset)

DST period:

Last Sunday in March to Last Sunday in October.


SunPosition calculations for this location are for members only.

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Non members can search 7,954 locations from 242 countries worldwide.

Members can currently search 48,115 locations from 242 countries worldwide.


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