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SunPosition is for Directors of Photography, Directors, Assistant Directors, Production Companies, Photographers, Location Managers, Art Directors, Surveyors, Engineers, Architects and anyone else who needs to know the sun position. With a database of 48,109 locations worldwide kept up-to-date, SunPosition is probably the most reliable and easy to use sun position calculator available.

SunPosition offers member users the flexibility to add new locations, obtain a graphical print of the sun path throughout the day and save their most frequently used locations to their favourites menu.

SunPosition uses an advanced mathematical algorithm to run calculations which are incredibly accurate, meaning you can be sure to know exactly where to expect the sun, wherever and whenever you need to.

Magnetic declination currently accurate for year range: Start of 2010 to End of 2014

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Non members can search 7,954 locations from 242 countries worldwide.

Members can currently search 48,109 locations from 242 countries worldwide.


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